"Real learning is not so much the product of reasonable thinking as it is of those illuminating moments which permanently warp the mind."
- The Education of Henry Adams

Beautiful Singing Cover Beautiful Singing: "mind warp" moments is an autobiographical trip through the life and published writings of an addict of beautiful singing, and should be interesting to anyone who loves the joyful living that can accompany it.

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Table of Contents

Preface Why This Book?
1 Steinway in the Stairway
2 Discovered by Singing
3 Stepping Into the Inner Game
4 Singing Hymns with New Power
5 Voice Students of the University
6 Singing Into the Next Instant
7 Enticed by Paradox
8 Keeping Track
9 Boosting the Singers' Formant in a Concert Hall
10 Being Scientific About Beauty
11 Vocal Beauty Boot Camp
12 Beautiful Singing: What It Is and How to Do It
13 Helping Beautiful Singing Emerge
14 Watching for Mind Warps
Epilogue The Barter