Winner of a 2005 bronze medal "Telly Award" for educational TV, this DVD is now in its second edition which includes a new disc with "Whole Body Warm-up Sequences" and "Youth Boot Camp Examples."

Join Dr. Robison in this new DVD as he supports his claim that beautiful singing is available to everyone.

This hour-long program is a reduction of a 4-day Vocal Beauty Boot Camp conducted by Clayne at Brigham Young University.

Watch both beginners and professionals improve as they coordinate the seven interactions of beautiful singing:

  • Flexibly Erect Posture
  • Low, Active Breath
  • Stretched Pharynx
  • Breath/Speech/Moan Connections
  • Relentless Openness
  • Flowing Musicality
  • Honest Meaning

Digital animations bring to life important new ideas from voice science. However, the openheartedness of the participants takes us beyond science into a deeper beauty of both sound and soul.

Feel these simple suggestions bring more beauty to your own singing.

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