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For thirty years Dr. Robison has been refining the art of vocal instruction in groups. He and his BYU colleagues have found that beautiful singing develops on the average three times faster and is more permanent when students can observe the required physical principles growing simultaneously in the voices of their peers.

Experiencing Clayne's insistent, "gentle drill sergeant" style the students have affectionately named these group sessions Vocal Beauty Boot Camp.

To learn more about the Boot Camp experience, read chapter 11 in Clayne's book. The chapter is quoted in its entirety on this web site.

The typical growth of Boot Camp participants can be seen and heard in a 25-minute demonstration video: "10-Fold Teacher Improvement in Efficiency Through Vocal Beauty Boot Camp," which can be ordered or downloaded from this web site.

Here are typical responses from participants:

Boot Camp students:
". . .Rigorous and rewarding."

"The only thing that hasn't changed is the excitement that I get every time I sing."

". . . contagious passion for the voice! Good drill sergeant too!"

"I wish I had had a class like this before I started."
Boot Camp students' teachers:
". . . changes in singing were remarkable, astounding, even miraculous. I will not be satisfied with anything less now."

-Eda Ashby (email:, Vocal Area Head
Brigham Young University Idaho, Rexburg, Idaho

". . . like watching the Pied Piper at work. . . the progress made by each participant in a very short time is nothing short of amazing. . .down to earth, technical-but-not-over-the-head presentation. . . parents are planning vacations around Albuquerque Vocal Beauty Boot Camp III."

-Jeanne Grealish (email:
Private singing teacher

". . . enthusiasm and energy . . .clarity of explanations . . .thorough research and experience . . . warmth of personality. . . profound effect . . . of lasting benefit."

-Kate Capewell, Vocal Chair
Newcastle Conservatory, Australia

". . .skill and knowledge . . . way of working with the students and faculty
. . . a most favorable impression."

-Shorluyan, T. V., Senior Teacher,
Rachmaninoff State Conservatory, Rostov na/Donu, Russia

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