Endorsements of Beautiful Singing: "mind warp" moments

"Clayne has thought a great deal about singing and expresses himself exceedingly well. Beautiful Singing is in our selected collection at the Vocal Arts center."

-Richard Miller, author, Techniques of Singing and The Structure of Singing

"Clayne Robison describes the sudden insights in his life, the 'mind warps' that sent him off in new directions, particularly as they related to the cause of beautiful singing. He blends a powerful self-assurance with an affecting tender concern for his students, both as individuals of intrinsic worth and as colleagues in the enterprise of creating soul-satisfying music."

-Edward L. Kimball, law professor & author, Biography of Spencer W. Kimball

"...a great book and a valuable contribution to vocal pedagogy. It is clear that Clayne is impassioned by this venture of sorting out the interactions. So am I."

-Ingo Titze, vocal physicist & author, Principles of Voice Production

"...fascinating...puts words to something I have always believed in. His discussion of interactivity and the importance of tracheal resonance is most compelling."

-Neil Semer, international voice teacher in both classical and popular styles

"...a mind-expanding, heart-warming, and inspirational journey through the musical life of a conscientious teacher, a moving artist, and a stimulating human being. His creative insights, originating in the deep places of his own experience, will resonate with students, teachers, performing artists and non-musicians alike."

-Ardean Watts, conductor, music professor & music critic

"Clayne has always been a stimulating thinker. Here he addresses the dilemma singers have faced for decades, namely, how one reconciles the dusty truths of vocal science with the warm-blooded act of singing. His are valuable, mind-warping thoughts that will please the adventurer and challenge those who sleep in their safety nets."

-Jerold Ottley, Conductor Emeritus, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir