Beautiful Singing is the right name for the website of Dr. Clayne Robison, Brigham Young University Professor of Voice, emeritus. Both his beautiful voice and his success in teaching beautiful singing have drawn him literally from one end of the world to the other. His research and writing on the subject continue to make beautiful singing easier to understand, to teach, and to learn:
  • His 1992 "Vocal Beauty" research project confirmed the first scientific definition of beautiful singing. (see, Journal of Singing Index, Robison, Vocal Beauty Sept/Oct, 1994.)
  • During the last three decades, he and his colleagues at BYU have found reliable ways to measure growth in vocal beauty.
  • Those measurements show that students who learn to sing in groups can improve their vocal beauty three times faster than in private instruction - teachers can become literally ten times more efficient.
  • He claims that learning to sing with the physicists' new interactivity (chaos) paradigm in mind makes beautiful singing a universal possibility (yes, this means anyone can develop a beautiful voice!).
  • He proves that in a DVD for educational television.
  • He has written a personable, beautiful, and bold book explaining all of this.
  • By collecting, publishing and recording 34 new sacred art songs, he has breathed new life into the art song recital.

2018 Vocal Beauty Boot Camp
As seen in the KBYU-TV special "Beautiful Singing: Not Just For The Chosen", Clayne will be hosting an open-registration Boot Camp at the Utah Vocal Arts Academy in Provo, Utah, August 2-5, 2018.
Come join us.

Beautiful Singing: Not Just For The Chosen Beautiful Singing: Not Just For The Chosen
A BYU Broadcasting DVD condensation of a recent 4-day Vocal Beauty Boot Camp, where you can watch Dr. Robison unfold the seven interactions of beautiful singing in more than a score of voices - beginners to professionals and adolescents to septuagenarians.

Winner of a 2005 bronze medal "Telly Award" for educational TV, this DVD is now in its third edition which includes a new disc with "Whole Body Warm-up Sequences" and "Youth Boot Camp Examples".

Cover Beautiful Singing: "mind warp" moments
"This is three books in one: the intimate autobiography of a beautiful singer and successful teacher, an accessible look at the up-to-date physics of singing, and a wise manual on how to sing and live beautifully."
-Stephen R. Covey, author, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Sabbath Song Sabbath Song and Sabbath Song II
A treasury of 34 new sacred art songs. Each is available as a songbook for either med-hi or med-lo voices (comes with minus track CD) or as a performance CD. Collected and performed by Clayne Robison.

Trio Singing Beautifully
Video, audio and other resources designed by Clayne Robison to help others sing beautifully. Created to complement Beautiful Singing: "mind warp" moments. For teachers and learners alike.